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Metal Gear Acid

The Metal Gear Series sneaks its way to mobile! Solid Snake mustinfiltrate the enemy to foil a terrorist hijacking. Get ready toexperience deep tactical espionage as you plan your strategy to defeatthe enemy and accomplish missions in this new Metal Gear game.

Download, S60 V3 = For 240*320 Click Here,
For 320*240 Click Here
For 176*208 Click Here
S60 V2 = For 176*208 Click Here

Metal Gear Solid 3D

An exclusive chapter in the Metal Gear franchise for cellphone owners.In the game, players will face the same extreme tension of solitaryinfiltration that fans of the classic tactical espionage action gamehave come to expect from the Metal Gear Solid series, previouslyreleased to the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Metal Gear Solid Mobilefeatures never-before-seen dramatic 3D art displays and camera workthat greatly surpass the current standard of mobile games. The gamealso takes advantage of the phone's camera functionality, for exampleusing the camera to sample colors from the real world for an in-gamecamouflage system. It is also possible to shift the viewpoint fromfirst to third person in the game to control a variety of weapons.


Download N-Gage Game Application

Collection of the best games for smartphone Nokia N-Gage. In the archives unpacked games, and in the format of * blz. for the installation * blz its necessary program to install games (already in the complete set)
Games Include:

1)Alien Front
3)Asphalt UGT
5)Atari Master Pieces Vol.1
6)Atlantis Redux
7)Backbone Entertainment Rifts
10)Call of Duty
11)Capcom Catan
14)Crash Nitro Kart
15)Fifa 2004
16)Fifa 2005
17)Fifa 2006
18)Flo Snowboarding
19)Ghost Recon
21)High Seize
24)King of Fighters
25)Marcel Desailly Pro Soccer
26)Mile High Pinball
27)Mlb Slam
28)Monkey Ball
29)Moto GP
30)Motocross Free Style
31)NCAA Football 2004
33)Operation Shadow
35)Pathway To Glory
36)Pocket Kingdom
37)Puyo Pop
38)Puzzle Bobble VS
39)Rayman 3
40)Red Faction
41)Requiem Of Hell
42)Rifts - Promise of Power
43)Sango Fighters
44)Sega Rally
48)Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory
49)Splinter Cell - Team Stealth Action
50)SSX Out Of Bounds
51)System Rush
52)Tantalus Payload
53)The Elder Scrolls Travels Shadowkey
54)The Roots Gates of Chaos
55)The Sims Bustin Out
56)Tiger Woods
57)Tomb Rider
58)Tony Hawks Pro Skater
59)Virtua Cop
60)Virtua Tennis
61)Warhammer 40,000 Glory in Death
62)Worms World Party
63)WWE Aftershock
65)X-Men II - rise of the Apocalypse
66)X-Men Legends


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